mercoledì 8 ottobre 2014

Stiv & Vallo -  Overthinking Ep [Skeleton 038]

Our latest 3-Tracks EP - OUTbeatport: TODAY on Skeleton! 
►Available now exclusively on
►Played by Dubspeeka on Suara PodCats 035:

"A simple rhythm section holds the entire weight of the affair where mangled vocal snippets and almost-acidic stabs set the tone alongside spacious effects and rumbling sub bass. For those wanting a slightly more straightforward approach, the boys have also provided the Raw Mix. "Troubleman" continues in the same vein, while letting things get a bit busier. Dubbed-out vocals and stabs are sprinkled on top of the groove while familiar synth blurbs are the stars of the show"

Grab your copy!

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